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1MDB: What makes Pas satisfied after meeting Arul Kanda, asked Husam

Shocked by a statement made by Vice President of Pas, Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man stating their satisfaction upon an explanation made by Arul Kanda Kandasamy on 1MDB, Dato’ Husam Musa, Deputy President of AMANAH, has voiced out some queries related to the issue.

“From where will 1MDB get RM2.5 billion to pay to IPIC, which should be settled by 31st July, if not from the bon made by Malaysia Government,” he asked.

“What is the rationalisation plan that can produce RM2.5 billion if it is true that the payment was made by 1MDB itself?
“What does it mean, precisely, by ‘Pas is very satisfied’ with the plan,” he added.

Arul Kanda, President of 1MDB, yesterday has organised a two-hour meeting session regarding the issue to Tuan Ibrahim together with another 30 members of Pas National, as well as some respectable invited guests such as former Chief of Minister Selangor Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim.

The round table meeting was held at De Palma Hotel, Ampang.
“We overall are very contented with the explanation from Arul, especially on the rationalisation plan suggested by him in managing the matter of 1MDB,” said Tuan Ibrahim to the media after the meeting.

In addition, question related to the previous payment made into wrong company account was re- raised by Husam.

“Is there any immediate action taken from then until now onto the management upon the ‘mistake’ made by them,” he said.

He further questioned on why 1MDB has never made any effort in explaining the truth about the wrong payment to the citizens of Malaysia.
“And, if there was never such mistake then why 1MDB failed to prove it during the Arbitration in London?

“Does these issued were raised by Pas in their meeting with Arul,” he added.

If these issues were carefully explained in the meeting, he requested the same will be done to all Malaysians.

“Same explanation should be given to the people so that we will be able to understand the satisfaction felt by Pas” he said.

On 1st August, one of the companies owned by Abu Dhabi Government, International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) has given 1MDB another five working days for them to solve the AS$603 million (estimated around RM2.58 billion) debt that was supposed to be paid on 31st July 2017.