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Dr Ahmad Termizi Ramli

All Malaysians must embrace change, says Termizi

Dr Termizi Ramli’s race-blind approach has led many to recognise in him a leader who can bring a new dimension to Malaysian politics.

They say speeches by Termizi, the Amanah candidate for Kuala Kangsar, have been well-received. He is people-minded, savvy in contemporary politics, factual and has a clear vision.

In his speech in Manong and during many programmes, Termizi said that if people of this country would like to political, economic and social transformation, it must be carried out by not only Malays, but also Chinese, Indian and other communities.

“It must be done together, and should not be racial in character, only then it can succeed,” Termizi said to cheers from those present at one of his campaign programmes.

He said it was this concept that Amanah has embraced and wanted to bring to voters.

As such, Termizi appeals to all Malaysians to support Amanah’s efforts.

“We can change our political, economic and social order from one that is rife with corruption, injustice, wastage and economic hardship, with the joint effort of all races,” he said.

He said the mission was bound to fail if it was only undertaken by one race, adding: “this is what Amanah stands for and I hope people not only in Kuala Kangsar but throughout the nation will give their support.”

Termizi has a busy schedule in his campaign, meeting votes of all races.

He said Amanah is people-oriented not only during elections, but at all times.

“I have been in the academic field for decades for the sake of the country.

“Now I want to be in the middle of the people and serve them”.