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Amanah cautious on PAS’s olive branch

The call by PAS deputy president Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man for a ceasefire among opposition parties has been welcomed by Amanah leaders, but they are cautious as other top PAS leaders might not share his view.

Amanah communication chief Khalid Samad said PAS should first be able to differentiate friends from enemies, and should make a clear official stand on the offer.

“We want PAS to stand firmly by their offer and not make a U-turn later,” said Khalid.

“Only then we can talk. Otherwise, we have no time to entertain such things.”

Yesterday, Tuan Ibrahim said opposition parties should focus on bringing down their common enemy, Barisan Nasional, or face defeat at the next general election.

Tuan Ibrahim however admitted it would be difficult for parties with different ideologies to reach a compromise as it needed a lot of good faith and tolerance.

Echoing Khalid, Amanah strategic director Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad, said he hoped the PAS offer was the party’s official stand.

“This is what I have been praying for day and night so that our close ties can flourish again despite being in different parties,” Dzulkefly told Malaysia Dateline.