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AMANAH Neoconservatism?

Wan Saiful Wan Jan presented a paper entitled “Evolusi Islamism Dalam Politik Malaysia: PerpecahanParti Islam Se Malaysia dan Penyebaran Ide Progresif” I have yet to go through the paper and give mycomment on the thoughts of the paper which centered around progressive ideas.

My comment in this writing is about a statement made by Wan Saiful Wan Jan who is also ChiefExecutive of IDEAS on AMANAH. He opined AMANAHas neoconservative and on the believe that AMANAH being a splinter from PAS was just bringing to public a more rational and easily acceptable way of the same ideology of PAS.

I’d like to state here that the word neoconservative is a new form of conservatism which rests it’s justification on the need to reform and adjust to the new realities. Proto-conservatism connotes to holding to traditions and values and on top of that, the white literature of conservatism relates to the importance of Christianity faith as an uncompromise values.

Neoconservatism evolved around reformed ideas base on human nature and commiting to the rule of law and believed in freedom of man. It is a form of progressiveness that has its root from the bed of progressiveness that has its root from the bed rock of faith and traditional values.

As oppose to conservatism , liberalism believes in liberty and equality without refering to traditional faith. Liberalism arised from rejection of the middle age Christian Europe ideas of state religion and moral policing of the church and the practice of feudalism.

Liberalism had to come to realities of nationalism and constituitionalism and the role of faith in communicating with politics and state. The challenges are true in referece to Islam which encompasses the need to erect justice and rule of law.

AMANAH arises from the need of promoting justice and freedom base on the realities of Malaysian diverse context. AMANAH also reject any form of racism or any act of hatred between religion and revered the position of mankind and honor it.

As for the political aspiration, AMANAH calls for a civil state where the Federal Constitution is the term ofreference and advocate the equal rights of citizenship.It believed in fair competition and fought to legalize equality and freedom of religion.

Islam is AMANAH’s guideline in terms of values that it believed in, such as justice, equality and freedom base on the Maqasid Syariah within the state and base on the Maqasid Syariah within the state and power realm. Religion should be the principles values while undertaking political pursuance without any attempt to force your religious values onto others.

I do not believe a simple label by Wan Saifol that AMANAH is neoconservative can be taken withoutcomments. Its partly true if Wan Saifol mindset is baseon the western literature but its wrong if he pressumeAMANAH was just another of PAS with progressiveideas.

AMANAH is defining a new democratic values ofpolitics in Islam within the ambits of democracy thatit believed in. Islam serves as guideline in definingthe needs of plural society that it operates and consistently forging a national unity emigrating from the race base politics.

I would not think it is easy to establish AMANAH’s ground of politics as it operates within the environā€ ment of growing intolerance and hatred because if itwere a mere neocons, it would have played by the rule a little bit better than PAS but AMANAH chooses to challenge such situation and has taken a clear stance of building a new politics altogether.

Thank you Wan Saiful Wan Jan for bringing this up in your comment on AMANAH. As one of the founder of your comment on AMANAH. As one of the founder of the party, I see bright future ahead and with or without the label of neoconservative AMANAH will continue its call for RAHMATAN LIL ALAMIN (A Blessed Messageto All).