Amanah’s Termizi brings out the ‘wow’ factor on polling day

Amanah’s Termizi brings out the ‘wow’ factor on polling day

Amanah candidate in Kuala Kangsar, Dr Ahmad Termizi, proved to be popular with people greeting him and having selfies taken with him, as he made his rounds at polling stations this morning.

And his fans are not only Amanah supporters, but also from Pas and Barisan Nasional (BN).

In Taman Bunga Raya, a group of BN workers rushed to take selfies with the nuclear scientist, as were a group of Pas supporters who welcomed him as he observed the voting process.

As campaigning drew to a close last night, independent pollster Ilham Centre said Termizi appeared to have the “wow factor” as he proved to be the most popular candidate among voters in the constituency.

The attraction is not only due to Termizi’s background as a local boy with family roots well established in the area, but also his academic background, giving him a 5% edge over the other candidates, said Ilham Centre.

“If BN is defeated in Kuala Kangsar, it could be due to the wrong selection of candidate and Amanah’s right choice,” said Ilham Centre executive chairman Hisomuddin Bakar, giving its final report ahead of polling day today.

As for PAS, Hisomuddin said the party’s strategy was confined to consolidating its loyal supporters as well as ensuring there was no switch of support to the Amanah camp.

“That’s all there is (in PAS’s campaign),” said Hisomuddin.


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