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Wan Anwar Wan Ibrahim

Amanah Youth hits out at media’s misreporting of Turkish coup attempt

Amanah Youth has criticised the Western media’s depiction of the recent failed coup plot in Turkey, saying some news outlets were giving a one-sided picture of the political situation there.

“Amanah Youth is of the view that the western media should refrain from becoming accomplices in the attempted coup and hence destabilise the sovereignty of the Turkish nation, as this will only result in a loss of credibility and dishonor the reputation of the journalistic profession,” said the movement’s vice-chair Wan Anwar Wan Ibrahim, after paying a courtesy call on the Turkish ambassador to Malaysia, Basak Turkoglu, yesterday.

The visit was to extend Pakatan Harapan’s support to the elected government of Turkey.

Wan Anwar said the ambassador informed his delegation that the coup last week was not a normal military coup, but a treasonous act masterminded “by a minor column in the army” and other subversive elements within the government and outside Turkey.

Turkey has launched a crackdown after the failed coup last Friday night, which saw several key buildings attacked and seized by a faction in the military.

However, an outpouring of people on the streets of Ankara and other key cities pushed away the attacking army groups.

Following the coup, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim has vowed that the plotters “will pay a heavy price,” as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that he would remove the “viruses” from all state institutions.

Some 6,000 military personnel have been arrested, and more than two dozen army generals would be tried.

The authorities also sacked nearly 9,000 police officers, and suspended close to 3,000 judges.

A total of 492 employees were also fired from the Religious Affairs Directorate, and some 250 250 staff from the prme minister’s office removed.