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Annuar Musa blames DAP again even as rift within Umno intensifies

Annuar Musa has a bad habit of using others as punching bags when things go wrong. Smearing others is his way of deflecting attention from the real issues at hand.

Let’s take a few examples. While Annuar is infamous for his hardcore stance against any political cooperation with DAP and PKR, he especially loves hating on DAP.

Just three days ago on January 19, he lashed out at Ahmad Maslan for urging Members of Parliament to agree that Parliament reconvene during the emergency period.

Annuar said, “This is also a clear attempt (by Umno) to continue conspiring with opposition leader Anwar and DAP, who had previously asked for the same thing to be done by MPs.”

In an interview with Sin Chew Daily the day before, he urged Umno not to work with DAP to fish for Chinese support. He also called DAP a “socialist party”, and said that even their own party constitution stated so.
This claim is unfounded as a quick browse of DAP’s website reveals that its political ideology is actually social democracy.

In addition, he falsely accused the party of “recognising Communism” and “worshipping Communist Party of Malaya’s leaders as heroes.”

“This is against our principles, culture, and stance. Therefore, to me personally, DAP is no no no,” he added.

But in reality, Umno itself actually has a very friendly relationship with the Communist Party of China.

Not just that, he also seized the opportunity to throw a brick or two at Umno president Zahid Hamidi, acknowledging accusations that Umno had been conspiring with DAP under the latter’s leadership.

Furthermore, he warned other Umno leaders about the fate that would befall them at the polls should they collude with parties like DAP.

Two weeks before on January 7, he slammed Zahid for supposedly plotting to topple Perikatan Nasional by negotiating with PKR and DAP to form a new government.

He said many of Zahid’s recent political manoeuvres had dragged the party into his personal agenda.

“I can confirm that there was support in black and white given by the Barisan Nasional chairman and Umno president for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to topple the ruling Perikatan Nasional,” he announced at a news conference after Barisan Nasional sacked him as its secretary-general.

“I also received verified information on the place and date of a purported meeting with DAP in an attempt to form a new political alignment.”

DAP of course, had agreed to no such thing but was dragged into the mess as usual.

Prior to that on January 4, Annuar chided Umno for not bringing up Malay and Islam matters during party meetings this year.

As usual, he blamed DAP. “But we have not heard these issues (being raised) this year. What we hear are calls to reject Malay solidarity and verbal attacks among one another. DAP can afford to smile now.”

Every time tensions run high within Umno itself or between Umno and its so-called allies, DAP is blamed for everything.

Needless to say, DAP is clearly a very convenient and one-size-fits-all excuse for all of Umno’s political failures.