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Abdul Ghani Shamsuddini said Amanah too mourned the death of Haron

Be civil, Ghani’s advice to politicians

Amanah has called for civility among political enemies, following condemnations over insensitive remarks uttered in the wake of the death of PAS Murshidul Am, Datuk Dr Haron Din.

“Amanah strongly rejects such behaviour which does not reflect the kind of caracter that every one across religion, race and politics should follow.

“Differences of opinions and ideologies should not stand in the way of showing respect for the leader,” said Amanah deputy advisor, Abdul Ghani Shamsuddin.

Haron died in a hospital in California last Friday following heart complications.

News of his death was however greeted with a Twitter post shared by DAP’s Jelutong MP, Jeff Ooi: “Adios Harun Din. May there be peace”.

The post drew strong condemnations for being offensive and disrespectful to Haron and his family, prompting DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng to distance the party away from Ooi’s remarks.

Ghani said Amanah too mourned the death of Haron, describing him as a leading Muslim scholar.

“His passing is mourned by all Malaysians especially Muslims of all political affiliations.

“His religious leadership must be given due recognition,” said Ghani.

He said Malaysians should be more civil and not politicise an occassion such as death.

Ghani also urged all quarters including those in Pakatan Harapan who are opposed to Haron’s political ideology to display courtesy and respect.

“Let us create a harmonious society in which people respect each other.

“Let us practise our slogan, Islam a blessing for all,” he added.