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Rafizi Ramli

Clip shows Rosmah boarding jet, followed by long stream of mystery luggage

Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli followed up on his latest revelation on the wife of the prime minister with a two-and-half minute video clip, showing Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor boarding a private jet, with a continuous stream of luggage following her into the aircraft.

After Rosmah walked up the plane stairs, at least a dozen people followed her carrying large and medium-sized bags.

Altogether there were more than a dozen bags.

Two days ago, Rafizi revealed that Rosmah had chartered a private jet from Emirates when she represented Permata, the government’s early education programme, for a ceremony in Istanbul, Turkey.

As Permata is backed by public funds, Rafizi questioned if the cost to charter the jet was also borne by the government.

“Why didn’t Rosmah use a commercial flight to Istanbul which would be definitely cheaper than chartering a whole jet for herself?” he asked.

The revelation was followed by an explanation from an aide to Rosmah, Rizal Mansor, confirming that she and her daughter Nooryana Najwa Najib, had boarded the plane.

Rizal said a private jet was used instead of a commercial flight because Rosmah had a tight schedule and was accorded VVIP protocol.

Today, Rafizi asked the size of Rosmah’s delegation and how many officers accompanied her.

He also questioned why her luggage were not kept in the allocated compartment.

“What’s the use of chartering a private jet if the luxurious space is filled with bags?” he asked at a press conference in Kuala Kangsar today.

Rafizi also wondered if the bags were filled with cash, adding: “These are questions playing in the people’s minds after watching the clip.”

He further urged Rosmah not to ignore the questions as her journey was paid using public funds.

Rafizi said aviation experts he consulted were also dumbfounded as to why the luggage were not placed in the allocated compartment, and instead left inside the plane at the cost of the luxurious comfort for passengers.