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BN candidate spoke to India voters in Sungai Besar.

‘Close fight in Sg Besar, 820 Indian voters could decide winner’

As the Sungai Besar by-election campaign edges to a close tonight, contending parties are courting the constituency’s tiny Indian electorate numbering 820 voters.
Speaking at a ceramah last night, DAP’s Lim Kit Siang said these voters will be the “king makers” who could well decide the victor in the event of a close battle.
Lim Kit SiangHowever, Lim urged the people to vote not based on their ethnicity.
“Voters should cast their votes, not as Malays, Chinese or Indians, but as Malaysians to ensure tolerance and harmony among the diverse races, religions, languages and cultures as a fundamental principle for the creation of an united, democratic, just and prosperous Malaysian nation,” said Lim.
Sungai Besar will see a three-way fight between Amanah, Barisan Nasional and Pas.
Apart from the 820 Indian voters, the Malay-majority seat which has 42,655 voters also consists of 13,094 Chinese voters, 9,139 of whom are concentrated in the Sekinchan state constituency. 
The majority of voters are aged between 30 and 39 years, representing 25%, followed by those in the 40-49 year age group (21%) and 21-29 year age group (16%).
Lim urged voters to come out in full force  to beat the 88% voter turnout at the last general election.
Meanwhile, Lim also took to task Kelantan deputy menteri besar over remarks that Amanah’s orange trademark was similar to the saffron colour worn by priests.
“This is a double disrespect, to Amanah as well as to other religions and is undoubtedly a bad leadership example in plural Malaysia when all leaders, regardless of party politics, should be inculcating the value of respecting all races, religions, culture and even all colours.”