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Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya

Comments on Selangor’s legal action against redelineation

“Right move, Azmin, for being swift and decisive. EC was given the chance to explain but it failed miserably. And that was expected, for how could it ever hope to justify the unjustifiable?

It is good that the Selangor government is now exploring legal options with its lawyers, and that, I suggest, must include the rejection of the current EC redelineation proposal in toto, for being motivated and driven by criminal political intent, resulting in extensive and pervasive mutilation of the electoral roll nation-wide.

Such legal move is not far-fetched, for there are ample and irrefutable circumstantial evidence that point to that conclusion, for which the EC can’t possibly justify the extreme malapportionment and gerrymandering it has indulged in.

Meanwhile, the Selangor state government’s legal effort must proceed in close consultation with Pakatan Harapan to ensure it fits in with Pakatan’s over-arching strategy for the nation.”