Malaysia Dateline

Congrats Pas!

At last, you guys are brave enough to come out in public and bare it all.

There’s nothing wrong for you guys to work closely with those racist corrupt ridden Umno leaders. It’s part of democracy after all. Don’t be shy to protect them, including ex PM Najib. Its part of dakwah…

And please remember to come out with your “fatwa” based on fiqh Awlawiyyat or fiqh Muwazanah.

Many of your so-called asatizah graduating from Madinah or Al-Azahar can prepare speeches and sermons to justify your action working closely with Umno. NO harm after all.

After all, you guys are facing the “threats” from Kafir DAP and liberal Islamists PAN (you guys dare not mention them as AMANAH because you guys hate them so much).

And please remember! You guys also hate Anwar Ibrahim because he is an “American agent” trying to destroy the country.

Furthermore, our new PM Tun Mahathir is an anti HUDUD guy. Your new buddy MCA is also anti HUDUD but they are okay becos they are all the Zhimmis. Right?

Pas…please plan the next “Himpunan Selamatkan Melayu/Islam” as soon as possible because the country is under threat from these Kafir Pakatan rulers. You guys can come out with a new “Fatwa” at anytime including seeking the safest way for all Malaysians to go to heaven.