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Dear Confused DBKL Watchers…

As we approach the year end, let me introduce you to a group of people calling themselves “DBKL Watch” whose roles, among other than complaining about this and that, includes asking for the Federal Territories Minister be replaced by an MP from the Federal Territories!

For the record, out of the total 13 parliamentary seats in the Federal Territories, 11 of them are in Kuala Lumpur and one (1) each in Putrajaya and Labuan. This makes up 13 MPs of which 11 are from Pakatan Harapan and one (1) from Parti Warisan. In Kuala Lumpur itself, Pakatan Harapan had a landslide victory whereby its MPs are from PKR, DAP and Bersatu.

Only Putrajaya however, is represented by BN, the infamous we-know-who.

So what is the issue?

Apparently the said DBKL Watch group is of the opinion that BN’s decision to appoint a Federal Territory MP, namely Tengku Adnan Mansor from Putrajaya, as FT Minister last time, makes more sense.

Based on this thinking, they want the same approach be applied in the Pakatan Harapan government. They are thus suggesting that the current portfolio of Federal Territories Minister should also be given to an MP from the federal territories as well.

In other words, they sort of agree with Najib’s decision and way of thinking. They think that it was a good decision! I am appalled at the regionalism way of thinking by these DBKL Watchers. Should they not be more concerned with performance and integrity?

The truth is, it only reflects on how narrow are their views! This issue has been played for the longest time and it seems like they can’t get over the fact that their views were not taken seriously.

Having said that, it couldn’t be more obvious that DBKL Watch is just a small group of even smaller minded people who holds a grudge against the decision made by the Prime Minister to appoint Khalid Samad as the FT Minister. Clearly, they don’t speak or represent the views of the whole of Wilayah Persekutuan voters.

Maybe it is worth mentioning here that since the Federal Territories Ministry was created under BN, four came from outside of Federal Territories, while the other four were Federal Territory MPs.

More confusion from DBKL Watch

DBKL Watch argues that a Member of Parliament from the Federal Territories should be the Minister of the Federal Territories because he is highly motivated to serve the constituencies because his own constituency is there.

However, that isn’t the right attitude. It doesn’t fit the requirement of a Federal Territories Minister because the portfolio is not similar to that of a Chief Minister. We must understand that the federal territories belonged to the Federal Government and does not rule itself independently like a state government.

On top of that, even though most Federal Territories MPs are aware of their own constituency issues, the Federal Territories Minister is the one responsible and answerable to the federal government.

He is the person in charge of the various developments and other pressing issues in the three federal territories, meeting the Federal Government’s aspirations for the three territories.

So, to reiterate, a Federal Territories Minister does not have to come from the federal territories as he is answerable to the Federal Government and not just the voters in the Federal Territories.

Understand the situation correctly, DBKL Watch

It is up to the Prime Minister to appoint anyone; the power and discretion is solely his. This also includes appointing anyone from the outside of the House of Representatives, as in the case of Senators appointed as Ministers, all in accordance to his conviction.

It is a non-issue when the Prime Minister designated the Federal Territories portfolio to Khalid Samad in 2018. He was given the mandate to become a Member of the Parliament by the mandate of the Shah Alam voters, and any MP can then be appointed for the portfolios in the cabinet.

So dear DBKL Watch, there certainly is nothing wrong with the Prime Minister’s decision. Pakatan Harapan government formed the cabinet in 2018 and among the winning candidates included Khalid. This allows the Chairman of the PH to take over the government, form a cabinet and give the Federal Territories portfolio to Khalid.

The mandate held by Khalid came from the overwhelming majority of Malaysian voters, not the voters in Federal Territories alone. It’s getting funnier when DBKL Watch has also called on all MPs in the Federal Territories to unite in urging the Prime Minister to replace the minister and deputy minister with FT MPs.

They do not seem to understand that the Prime Minister can replace Khalid if he wishes, with any of the MPs or Senators for that matter. Not just with MPs from the Federal Territories, but any MP from all over Malaysia.

Still confused, DBKL?

DBKL Watch is basically driven by their own interest hence they should once in a while be reminded of the fact that unlike the nature of a State Government, the three federal territories are governed by the Federal Government, at the federal level.

So DBKL, please respect the Prime Minister’s decisions and stop confusing yourselves and the rakyat!