Malaysia Dateline

Dr Fauziah Mohd Hasan

Do not wait for another tragedy before we cry for Gaza…

Once again the ugly face of the Israel regime has surfaced in the arrest of 13 lady activists on a humanitarian mission on the boat Zaytouna Oliva, heading for Gaza. Malaysian’s own well known humanitarian activist Dr Fauziah Mohd Hassan together with 12 other ladies from Europe, Turkey and New Zealand were amongst those detained as they were approaching Gaza shores.

The women and children of Gaza who were awaiting their arrival with high hopes were again greatly disappointed by Israel’s continued denial of outside humanitarian help and access. The act of denying a small group of volunteer lady activists the rights to help Palestinian women and children is a very cruel act.

This is extremely difficult to understand comming from the Israel state which often quoted earlier attrocities and prosecutions against jews in Europe during the second world war. By denying rights and aids to the Palestinians they are inflicting the same sufferings on the Gaza population which they themselves claimed their forefathers were subjected to. The hardest hit victims are women, children and the elderly.

The rest of the world is just standing by watching and not doing much over the many similar incidences which had been inflicted by the Israelis on humanitarian groups trying to help the isolated Gaza people. Is the world waiting for another Mavi Marmara ship incident of May 2010 where 9 peaceful activists were killed by Israel commandos before acting and voicing their concerns?

What does it take to prick the concience of the world on the plight of the long suffering Palestinians of Gaza? Must more valuable innocent blood for Gaza be spilled before the world utter another simple word of rebuke to the untouchable all powerful arrogant Israel government?

We have been much distracted by attrocities of war in Syria and Yemen by the powerful nations that the Palestinian issue has faded into the background. Let us not forget the Palestinian has been the longest suffering “refugees” on their own land since the end of World War II.

In Syria children has not seen or known basic needs and rights for quite sometime. In Palestine the children and also even the elderly people in their lifetime have not had any basic needs and rights for over 60 years !

Does it need blood to be spilled like in the Mavi Marmara tragedy before the world takes notice on Gaza and the Palestinians plight again? Let the unjustified detention of the 13 lady activists be another wakeup call towards Israel’s continued cruelty on the Palestinians need for aid.

They have risked their life, left their famiies and nation for a cause. Why cant we just raise a little bit of our voice on the Palestinian issues from the comforts and security of our homes? Is it too much to ask?
Raja Bahrin Shah is the Chairman of Bureau for International Affairs, Parti Amanah Negara.