Malaysia Dateline

End Israel’s apartheid, stop the occupation and aggression

Today 7th May 2021 marks as the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan and the commemoration of the International Al-Quds Day 2021, a day of solidarity and unequivocal support for the Palestinian cause and for the liberation of Baitul Maqdis from the occupation of apartheid regime of Israel.

It is extremely disheartening though that this week has been filled with continuous Israel’s raids and attacks against Palestinian residents in occupied East Jerusalem. Palestinians from Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood and activists who stood in front of Palestinian homes to protect them from the attacks were met with beatings, skunk spray & arrests.

According to Head of the Palestinian National Initiative party Mustafa Barghouti as reported by Al-Jazeera, what is happening in Sheikh Jarrah is a “process of ethnic cleansing”.

“This is nothing new but part of a systematic approach the Israeli government has been following, after annexing [east] Jerusalem, trying to eliminate the Palestinians presence from the city,” he said.

We must condemn and stop the Israeli forced occupation and annexation as it violates universal human rights and all international resolutions, in particular UN Security Council Resolutions 476, 478 and 2334.

We must strongly object to the continuous aggression and marginalisation against the Palestinians especially in the holy month of Ramadan and the coming of Eid celebration.

We must describe Israel as an apartheid regime based on three documented reports by UN ESCWA (Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia), BTSELEM (Israel’s leading human rights group) and recently by Human Rights Watch.

We must exert pressure to label Israel as an apartheid state and invoke the collective, political and moral duty of all to prevent and punish the crime of apartheid against humanity.

We must strongly urge the international community, especially the United Nations and its agencies, and Member States, to act within the limits of their capabilities to prevent and punish instances of apartheid that are responsibly brought to their attention.

We must continue to support the Palestinian struggle through solidarity’s effort in parliament, governmental level and by NGOs and civil societies.

The Malaysian Government must show strong condemnation of Israel’s act of violation and suppression of the Palestinians for their right to self-determination, right of return, justice and freedom. As of today, no statements have been issued by Wisma Putra with regards to recent events in Palestine.

Lastly, Mohammed al-Kurd, a poet and writer from Sheikh Jarrah who is currently studying in New York said, “We need to always constantly remind people that this is not just some poor Palestinian family [who] for some weird legal reason [is] losing their property.

This is [about] hundreds of thousands of Palestinians all around Jerusalem and neighbouring cities – Palestine at large – who are facing the vicious fangs of a judicial system designed inherently to displace them.”

End Israel’s apartheid. Stop the occupation and aggression. Uphold Palestine’s struggle and rights!


Writer is Member of Parliament for LEDANG, Johor, Malaysia. He also Head of Palestine-Malaysia Friendship Parliamentary Committee.