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Husam: Amanah offers people-centric Islamic governance in Kelantan

Amanah can offer a better Islamic administration in Kelantan with a focus on issues faced by the people, said Salor assemblyman Datuk Husam Musa.

The former PAS leader who joined Amanah last week said the people of Kelantan should choose a government which is based on the vision of its late menteri besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat.

“Tok Guru’s government is founded on the principle that Islam pays attention to the poor and those without basic necessities, (his government) is not about getting benefits from big tycoons,” said Husam, who has been vocal against the current Kelantan government’s lack of concerns for the environment which he said resulted in rampant logging and loss of forest reserves.

“Nik Aziz was very sensitive whenever a poor person met him, I was very careful working for him,” said Husam, who for years served as press secretary to the former menteri besar who died in 2013.

Under Nik Aziz, Husam, who was also the PAS vice-president, rose to become the state’s most senior exco member, but was sidelined soon after the PAS spiritual leader’s death.

Husam was also among casualties in PAS following the victory of conservative leaders allied to Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang.

Husam said Amanah would practise Islamic principles with a view to solving people’s problems, such as water supply, education and better living standards in the rural areas.

“Islam advocates ‘Fastabiqul khairat’ which means one should compete in matters of welfare,” added Husam, saying PAS could no longer claim to be the sole champion of Islam.

Speaking at an event in Kota Baru on September 2, Husam said Amanah was formed based on an enlightened understanding of Islam taking into account the country’s realities.

“For example, we have Malays, Chinese and Indians (in this country), and if we struggle only for the Malays, Islam can never be able to administer,” he added.

“In politics, we must have wisdom in tackling differences so that we become stronger.”