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Immediate analysis of Pakatan defeat in Kuala Kangsar

The split of vote among opposition. Total votes won by opposition is 10499 compare to BN’s 12332, the majority is 1833, not a big different compare to 1082 in the last GE. Percentage vote is 46% v 54%. As such, 3 corners fight benefits BN.

Very low turn out. Compare to last GE’s 84.5%, this round the turn out rate is only 71%, a sharp drop of 13.5%. In Jerlun Chinese majority area, the average turn out reduced from 81% to 60% only, which means most of the young voters fail to come back in exercising their right.

Local issue prevail over national crisis. Najib’s announcement to give RM43.5 million in building Manong bridge, a university such as Sultan Azlan Shah University, RM2 million for Chung Hwa school & a new community hall at Jerlun play a significant role for BN to win the local support. In rural area such as Bukit Chandan & Manong, bread & butter issue is still the main concern of the kampung folk.

SPR’s gerrymandering. At least 300 Pakatan votes had been transferred out to Padang Rengas parliament seat & the actual number is likely to be more than that.

BN’s machinery & money politics. With federal government & state government agency work hand in hand for BN, their pintu 10 strategy can identify each & every vote which enable them to make all their supporter to come out to vote. In addition, “cash is king ” for the rural folks.

Smear campaign against Amanah is effective. Facing the double whammy attack by BN & Pas, Amanah find it very difficult to counter attack especially in kampung area. Lack of man power & financial aid makes it even more difficult.

Be that as it may, Amanah being a new party which is still at it’s infancy had put up a good fight. We see hope amidst darkness.

However, Pakatan must move on as one team which manifest ability to offer HOPE as viable alternative, otherwise our future will be bleak.

Time & tide wait for no one, Najib may call next GE very soon. Immediate action plan by presidential council is needed now.