Is it really the issue of translation YB?


With due respect, it amuses me when i read his aforementioned comment. Truth be told, i am afraid his comment is lost in translation!

Is it true that the real problem of the Federal Constitution lies in the the english translation?

In his contention, he, inter alia, drives homes this point. He laments the poor translation of the word “religion” enshrined in Article 3 of the Federal Constitution. As far as he is concerned, the phrase ” religion” should not be translated as “agama”.

In all likelihood, he may not be aware that even in the present Article 3 of the FC, the Malay version of it is worded as follows ” Islam adalah agama Persekutuan…”

Going by his logic, it seems to me that assuming Pas is given a chance to govern Malaysia, the present Article 3 may possibly be translated into malay language as follows ” Islam adalah al-deen Persekutuan “

Or, it might be redrafted in english as follows “Islam is the way of life in Federation”.

Hanipa Maidin Federal Constitution Islam adalah agama Persekutuan