Ismail has missed the train altogether


The Prime Minister Ismail Sabri has “missed the train” altogether when he asked for space for the authorities to thoroughly investigate the conflict-of-interest allegations against the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Chief Commissioner, Azam Baki.

Is he suggesting that two-and-a-half months is not enough time for him as Prime Minister directly responsible for MACC to say something on Azam-gate, especially we have the most ludicrous situation of Azam investigating Azam if there had been such MACC investigation in the past two months.

Ismail said in Kota Marudu that the MACC is investing the conflict-of-interest allegations against Azam.

When did the MACC start its investigation on the allegations, why was this not revealed publicly before, and in particular, why neither Abu Zahar Ujang, the Chairman of the MACC Anti-Corruption Advisory Board nor the MACC Chief Commissioner, Azam Baki, had said anything about it in their “tell-all” press conference on Monday on 5th January, 2022?

Furthermore, how can MACC investigate its Chief Commissioner when he is still the No. 1 figure in the MACC?

Ismail cannot be impotent any longer and the first thing he must do is either to sack Azam or ask him to go on leave and appoint a new head for the MACC during the MACC investigation of Azam-gate.

Furthermore, six members of the MACC Anti-Corruption Advisory Board (ACAB) have disputed their chairman, Abu Zahar Ujang’s account relating to the conflict-of-intrest allegations against Azam Baki – which is a vote of no confidence on Abu Zahar as their chairman.

The six ACAB members said that it was not the Board’s position to clear Azam of the conflict-of-interest allegation and it was Abu Zahar’s personal opinion.

As all the six ACAB members have accused Abu Zahar of duplicity and dishonesty, he should immediately resign or Ismail Sabri should remove him as ACAB Chairman.

The statement by the six ACAB members have also cast Azam’s statement “I am answerable only to the advisory board” in new light – showing it to be both impudent and imprudent as well as wrong-headed.

Azam has no option but to go on leave or be sacked as MACC Chief Commissioner under the circumstances.

The Azam-gate has become a test not only for Azam as MACC Chief Commissioner but also for Ismail Sabri as the ninth Prime Minister of Malaysia – whether Ismail is going to be not only the Prime Minister with the shortest tenure but the most ineffective Prime Minister of Malaysia.
Media Statement (2) by DAP MP for Iskandar Puteri Lim Kit Siang in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday, 8th January 2022.