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Selena Gomez wearing hijab during UAE visit

Jais distances from Pas exco’s call for prayers against Selena Gomez

The Selangor Islamic Department (Jais) today denied issuing any call for Muslims to conduct special “hajat” prayers in mosques around the state to invoke God’s help to cancel a concert by American pop star Selena Gomez this Monday.

“Any cancellation of Selena Gomez’s concert comes under the jurisdiction of the local authorities and is beyond Jais’s powers,” said Jais director Datuk Haris Kasim in a statement.

This comes after a Pas exco joined his comrades from the party’s Youth and Ulama wings in protesting the state government’s decision to allow the concert.

Gomez is scheduled to perform at the Malawati Staidum in Shah Alam, in what will be her first concert in this country.

Her presence has sparked anger among Pas members, who felt that the popular actor was too sexy in her appearance and could undermine the moral values in this country.

Pas also urged the Islamic Development Department (Jakim) to interfere, and said the concert organisers did not follow an earlier guideline prepared by the authorities.

However, Selangor menteri besar Datuk Seri Azmin Ali questioned the protests, saying “sexy” was something God-given, and said it would go ahead as it had fulfilled all conditions.

Some factions of Pas Youth and Ulama also protested two days ago in front of the state secretariat in Shah Alam, in a rare protest by leaders of a party which is part of the state government.

None of the Pas exco members had turned up at the protest.

However, it was reported today that exco member in charge of Islamic affairs, Ahmad Yunus Hairi from Pas, urged mosques in the state to perform special prayers to show the Muslims’ disagreement over the concert.

The state government however quickly distanced itself from the call, saying it was Yunus’s personal view.