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Kimanis Could Be The Bellweather of Kimana?

Kimanis has the sweetest of people. An area near Beaufort, not too far away from Ranau, invariably, the National Part Mount Kinabalu, it has all the ingredients of a semi-rustic and idyllic background.

Even at the height of the tide against then PM Najib, his buddy Anifah Aman, who was a foreign Minister to boot, and the brother of the Chief Minister of Musa Aman, Anifah lost by a mere 156 votes on May 9 2018. It was not a marginal victory. Sweet people are inherently non vindictive.

Forward to the latest by election defeat of Warisan, the loss of electoral majority has shot up to more than 2300 votes; a surge of almost 25 times the previous election.

Remember. This is a by election where the Sabah and Federal government can throw various goodies at the voters; to soften and sweeten their future further. Yet in spite of these structural advantages, Kimanis stood with Umno Barisan.

All the side kicks and advisors of Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad have to ask themselves if Kimanis has become Kipahit? Something bitter but clearly simmering from the ground.

Nationally, one has to ask if Kimanis is now a pun on Kimana? Whither where are we heading as a nation?

How can a government that won it’s mandate on removing the kleptocracy of Malaysia, within 20 months, become a stomping ground for the return of the same old same old in Umno Barisan?

There is potentially a reason. Warisan and Pakatan Rakyat, be it under Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal, or, Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, have nothing new to offer as yet. Kidnapping of Sabahans off the coast of Tawao continue to remain.

Indeed, Visit Malaysia 2020 is here but no where is Mount Kinabalu or the forest of Borneo, which is the second oldest in the world, one freed from bush fire to boot, featured anywhere in any massive campaign.

Apec Summit, Kuala Lumpur, by the end of November 20 2020, has to be held again in Kuala Lumpur. The politics of Semenanjung Malaysia, or, Peninsular Malaysia, simply does not take Sabah into account of its diversity and exceptional resources.

This is the fifth by election defeat of Mahathir in the last six, except Sandakan in Sabah, which is the strong hold of Shafie Apdal.

Many polls, including Ilham, also got the polls wrong, because the voters do dislike Pakatan Harapan, but are not telling the truth to the pollsters.

All these are signs of the onset of a tsunami against the current governnent in and beyond Putrajaya. With the onset of a mysterious virus in Wuhan, China, which can become SARS-like, there is a high possibility that the Chinese tourists that Malaysia or Mahathir expect would simply not be able to travel to any parts of Malasia unless Malaysia, which is already struggling with the malady of influenza, is ready to absorb the systemic risks with which China brings with its secretive public health.

Kimanis is the sign of worse to come in Sabah. Sweet people bear no ill. But when their most basic needs are not looked into, there is no reason at all for Mahathir or Azmin to claim that the voters do not understand what the Sabah or Federal Government is doing.

This is the second time in two months where razor thin victories in Tanjung Piai and now Kimanis in the 14 th general election on May 9 2018 are wiped away completely. Something is rotting in the state of Malaysia.