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Abdul Hadi Awang waving a giant kris at Pas muktamar.

Kris-waving PAS gambling with Malay votes, says think tank

A think tank today said PAS was taking a political gamble by moving further from the non-Muslim electorate and concentrating purely on Malay votes.

Iham Centre director Hisommudin Bakar said this can be seen during the party’s muktamar, where its president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang brandished a giant kris.

He said the message from the PAS general assembly this time was that it too upholds Malay nationalism apart from its emphasis on Islam.

“This corresponds with the PAS strategy to attract Umno supporters who are disappointed with their party’s internal problems into supporting PAS as an alternative,” said Hisomuddin.

He said PAS leaders seemed to believe that Umno’s loss was PAS’s gain, but questioned if such an outcome was true.

“Can brandishing the kris and wearing Malay warrior outfit translate into Malay votes for PAS?” he asked.

He said PAS was also taking pains to show that it was DAP’s enemy, in an effort to woo Malay voters.

Hisommudin recalled that Umno leaders’ use of the kris during its congress had backfired, with the total rejection of the party by non-Malays.

He said PAS too should therefore prepare itself for condemnations following its leaders’ actions at the muktamar.