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Leaked: Sarawak Report tells why audit report is classified

Chaos, confusion, ever-changing excuses and a total loss of a whopping US$7 billion (RM28 billion) – these are what whistleblower site Sarawak Report said it found out after reading through the classified auditor-general’s report on 1MDB.

“A grand total of US$7 billion is calculated as having gone missing and conflicting and unbelievable explanations were given about why the payments were made,” Sarawak Report said.

It said the AG, Tan Sri Ambrin Buang, also lamented that during the investigation, 1MDB management would keep changing their explanations over payments amounting to multi-billion dollars, giving a story on one occasion “and then completely re-write their own version of events the next time they met”.

Sarawak Report said a scrutiny of the audit report would only lead to the conclusion that 1MDB was plainly a front for the prime minister to siphone out money.

“No one could conclude otherwise from the narrative and criticism laid out in the AG’s 300 page plus report and analysis,” it added.

The report, it said, also had a chart listing payments which the AG’s department found to be unsatisfactory, totalling US$7 billion.

They include the US$1.4 billion security deposit to Aabar, which the Abu Dhabi firm said it had never received.

“Our review has made it abundantly clear why Najib decided that the findings could not be released, since he wishes to remain Prime Minister – after all he is also the Finance Minister and sole shareholder responsible for decision-making at 1MDB and the conclusions are damning,” said Sarawak Report.