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Mahathir is right, a Bersatu-Pas-Umno government is a total disaster

This is a rare occasion when I concur with Mahathir that a Bersatu-Pas-Umno government is a total disaster. Not only for themselves but more importantly, for the country.

That this is a rag-tag grouping of power-grabbers of divergent ideologies and conflicting self-interests was apparent from day one.

Pas and Umno are poles apart, the former pursuing the life-after with its Islamist fundamentalist agenda while the latter seeking power and wealth on the twin pillars of racism and corruption.

Umno and Bersatu share the same political ideology and strategy, but they are inherent and irreconcilable enemies, as the political leadership of Bersatu is made up mostly of betrayers of Umno (the remainder are mostly betrayers of PKR).

Compounding such a political mess is that all the three parties are competing to feed from the same plate – the Malay electorate. Implacable in-fighting to grab for seats will be inevitable when general election comes.

Such an all-Malay political coalition founded on religious bigotry and racialism is almost certain to be denied of non-Malay votes. But the latter form almost half of the country’s population. So how could such a political alliance triumph in a national election?

But what is even worse for the country is that such a regime built on racial supremacy and religious bigotry would be catastrophic for the economy, for no serious investors, domestic or foreign, will invest in such a country.

When the economy is doomed, what future do we have?