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MCO 3.0 proof PN fails at managing Covid-19

More than 1 year has passed since Covid-19 exploded in Malaysia. During this period, we have seen at least three MCOs and many CMCOs, EMCOs, TEMCOs, and RMCOs in between.

In fact, the entire country was subjected to a third nationwide lockdown last week, not long after MCO 2.0 was imposed just a few months ago.

Earlier this year on 11th January, Perikatan Nasional even had a state of emergency declared – seemingly under the saintly guise of fighting the pandemic. At the same time and in a move that defied all logic, PN also suspended Parliament for the same reason.

However, instead of cases dropping, the direct opposite happened. Covid-19 has spun out of control!

Cases are at their highest now, never have more people died, hospitals are running out of beds and ventilators, quarantine centres are overflowing, and frontliners have been working to death trying to save lives.

The situation is so dire that PN has resorted to setting up military field hospitals, storing dead bodies in containers, and even placing quarantine beds in parking lots.

As of 17th May, the national average Rt was 1.06. An Rt above 1.00 indicates a growing outbreak. Current data confirms this – nationally, the outbreak is growing in nine states and two federal territories. Malaysia has reached an all-time low.

If not for the Sabah state election last year and Ismail Sabri stubbornly insisting that those returning from Sabah did not need to be quarantined, Malaysia would not have been slammed with a third wave of Covid-19.

All this evidence is a damning indictment of PN’s spectacular failure to bring Covid-19 under control.

Malaysians are outraged, and rightly so. Ever since the appalling coup of February 2020, PN has been interested in nothing else but holding on to the power it grabbed, regardless of who it crushes in the process.

The people’s heart-wrenching plight in the midst of a global pandemic has certainly been the least of the backdoor government’s concerns.

Needless to say, ordinary people have suffered the most. Many have lost their jobs, lost their businesses, lost their savings, even lost their lives. Many have lost hope that things could ever get better.

Our economy is dying, unemployment is rising, our healthcare system is on the brink of collapsing, and our children have lost one whole year of education. Even foreign investors have run far away.

Yet, up to this day, PN has still failed to come up with a long-term strategy to effectively combat Covid-19 and set Malaysia on a path to restoration.

It is now or never. Before we reach the point of no return, PN should start taking this pandemic seriously and rope in the opposition and private sector to save lives together.

Malaysians have suffered enough from PN’s shocking incompetence and outright refusal to tackle Covid-19 responsibly. If this illegitimate government still doesn’t do the right thing, there may not be much left of Malaysia to govern post Covid-19.