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Fakkah Fuzz

Not funny! Umno Youth wants Singapore comedian banned

Despite apologising over his comic remark comparing the prime minister to a thief, Singapore comedian Fakkah Fuzz continues to be the target of Umno, with the latest call to ban him from entering Malaysia.

Selangor Umno Youth in making the call said Fakkah’s apology posted through a video clip on his Facebook was not sufficient.

“Our advice to Fakkah is to look at himself in the mirror before meddling in Malaysia’s affairs,” said Selangor Umno Youth chairman Zainuri Zainal.

The popular stand-up comedian was touching on the differences in the way the Malay language is spoken in Singapore and Malaysia.

After giving several instances, Fakkah then said the word thief for Singapore Malay is “pencuri”, but in Malaysia, it is called “perdana menteri”.

Datuk Seri Najib Razak has come under criticism lately following his admission that he received some RM2.6 billion “donation” from Saudi Arabia.

A Wall Street Journal report however said the money was linked to troubled state firm 1MDB.

Following the revelation, many have posted online images poking fun on Najib.

Fakkah said he did not mean to hurt anyone.

“I would like to sincerely apologize if I unintentionally hurt my brothers and sisters across the causeway. It was not my intention to hurt or cause unrest among anyone.

“Nor was I accusing anyone of anything. It was simply a joke based on current events. The joke is basically ‘we say this, you say this. I’m just saying what I hear. Not saying ‘This person is guilty of this!’,” he said on his Facebook as clips of the joke became viral on the Internet.

But Zainuri said Fakkah should not have uttered the joke in the first place.

“This should not have happened, taking into the consideration that both countries enjoy good diplomatic relationships and have so long recognised our respective sovereignties,” Zainuri said, adding that Fakkah was not mature and did not respect the sovereignty of Malaysia.

Fakkah said he did not expect the joke to cause such a strong reaction.

“I have all of you to thank for that,” he said on the clip becoming viral.

“As much as I recieved much praise, I also got a lorry load of criticism. I am grateful for both. I won’t repost the video here cuz I can’t be bothered to engage, or watch anyone engage in political debates on my page.

“It’s not in my interest. I’m just here to entertain. I wish you all Selamat Hari Raya in advance! Peace and love to all nations!”