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Sungai Besar by-election

Pakatan-BN is real showdown, PAS just adding colour, says Amanah

Young voters in Sungai Besar should be aware of the PAS candidate’s position in the upcoming by-election on June 18, said Amanah Youth.

Selangor Amanah Youth chief Abbas Azmi said the by-election should be an avenue to show the people’s rejection of Umno-BN.

But he said that the people would also not accept a party which preferred to go its own and which often flip-flopped over its principles.

“Only Pakatan Harapan is opposing BN, but PAS is just adding colour in this by-election,” said Abbas.

Abbas said he was satisfied with the support from counterparts in the PKR and DAP Youth wings.

“Selangor Amanah Youth is confident with the Youth’s machinery which is increasingly accepted by young voters.

“All planned campaign works will proceed smoothly and the spirit of Ramadan will act as the backbone of our machinery,” he added.

Some 42% of the 42,655 voters in Sungai Besar are those aged between 21 and 40.