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Pakatan Harapan (PH) Youth position on the Russian invasion of Ukraine

PH YOUTH strongly condemns the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation, which is nothing less than a severe threat to global security.

During this time of a global healthcare and economic crisis brought on by a once in a century pandemic, when all humans should be more cooperative and united than ever before; it is atrocious that any acts of destruction and invasive violence be carried out by a global power against another nation and its people for imperialistic means.

PH YOUTH expresses pain and bewilderment towards the news relating to the first victims- both civilians and military- of the conflict. Preparations for the coming humanitarian crisis caused by this unnecessary war waged by Russia upon Ukraine must start immediately, which will be reflected in all of Europe and possibly further. The Malaysian goverment must lend a hand of solidarity to the international community’s efforts to ensure the safety of the civilian population in Ukraine.

PH YOUTH calls for an end to all violence and military actions against Ukraine, choose the peaceful path of diplomatic negotiations and reiters that President Putin and the Russian political and military leadership will have to answer to the international community for the violation of international law and any acts of violence untertaken against Ukrainian citizens.

PH YOUTH appeals to regional and international partners and countries to support every possible diplomatic effort for peace and disarmament, guaranteeing the respect for humanitarian law, protecting refugees in border areas and safeguarding civilians, such as students and children.

PH YOUTH warns against any escalation of the conflict by Russia and/or other nations. The immediate ceasure of attacks by Russia to de-escalate is the only humane and humanitarian path forward.

PH YOUTH supports the Malaysian government’s immediate repatriation of Malaysians in Ukraine. The Malaysian government must also seriously consider options and actions to ensure the safety of Malaysians currently in Russia.

Whether it be Ukraine’s sovereign ambitions to a NATO membership, Russia’s national security paranoia over Nato Expansionism, or US’s deployment of extra troops to Eastern European NATO members; it is non sensical and paradoxical that these essentially peacekeeping considerations have culminated into a war.

Now is not the time for war as it is never the time for war.

Pakatan Harapan Youth Chief
Former President of the International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY)

Pemuda Pakatan Harapan  invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation