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Pas Kelantan will fall due to the citizens, not Amanah – Husam

There enough reasons for Kelantan citizens to stop voting for Pas in upcoming general election, and Amanah is just another party that offers the continuation of Islamic governance previously founded by late Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat.

Vice President of Amanah Datuk Husam Musa said so while commenting on an accusation he has received money from a Chinese to terminate Pas in Kelantan.

“A Facebook user namely Wan Zawawi W Ismail has accused me in one of his status.

“This is a false allegation and I currently am investigating the authorised user of this FB account even though many people have told me that this account belongs to Chief Executive of PKINK Datuk Wan Zawawi,” he says while delivering Friday sermon at Wisma Tok Guru, Salor, yesterday.

According to Husam, there are many actions done by Pas government that are contributing to their downfall in the upcoming election.

“How the benefits of the development of the state is biased towards developers and such a loss for the citizens.

“The agreement of facilities to the citizens in Lembah Sireh is being ignored.

“In Kampung Laut, the residents there were not consulted first before taking their land.

“And now the same thing happens at Lembah Binjai. The government has openly deceiving the residents stating that all land owners have agreed to give their land to the government even though the reality is that they (the land owners) were not informed at all at the first stage,” he said.

The government has also failed in handling the cleanliness and environmental issues.

“The management of garbage is so terrible. Views and comments from public are not only being ignored, they were threatened by claiming that they will be in hell for commenting about the issue.

“The aboriginals were badly treated just because they were defending their surrounding forest and clean rivers for their daily life.

“Surely this kind of government who makes its citizens as enemy will go down. There is no need to blame other party like Amanah.

“As an Islamic party Amanah holds the responsibility to ensure the continuation of Islamic governance that is based on al-Quran and citizen friendly will be practiced in this state after this coming general election,” said Husam.