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Pua urges voters to protest plan to ‘steal’ next GE

After the Election Commission’s proposed redelineation of electoral boundaries which among others would double the number of voters in his Petaling Jaya Utara constituency, DAP’s Tony Pua urged affected voters to protest the plan for denying them equal rights enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

He said the plan as revealed today by EC was proof that it was involved in “stealing victory in the next general election” for Barisan Nasional through gerrymandering, said Pua.

Pua, who is DAP’s publicity secretary, cited the plan to rename his seat to Damansara and turning it into the largest constituency by almost doubling its electorate to more than 150,000 from its current 85,000.

Pua said the plan would mean Damansara will replace Kapar as the largest constituency.

In contrast, the number of Kapar’s voters will be reduced by 30%, from 144,159 to 100,456.

“The discretionary treatment in the two seats epitomises the completely arbitrary and brazen gerrymandering exercise the EC is carrying out to the advantage of BN,” said Pua in a statement.
“How can the EC justify or rationalise the increase of 76.2% of voters in my constituency, making it the largest in the country while at the same time reducing the existing largest constituency by 30%?”

Pua also noted that more than 54,000 voters from Bukit Lanjan state seat would be added to his current seat, in a move he said was to reduce the number of voters for the Subang parlimentary seat currently held by PKR, which also incorporates Bukit Lanjan.

“There is only one reason one can deduce from the EC actions. It was to add to the majority in the seats BN is deemed unlikely to win, while reducing the majorities for seats where BN sees the opportunity to re-capture,” he added.

Pua said increasing the size of seats held by opposition parties was however not the case with constituencies such as Putrajaya, and several other BN seats in Perak with voters between 28,000 and 34,000.

“The absurdity of creating a monster Damansara seat with more than 150,000 voters is even more outrageous when contrasted with other seats in Peninsula Malaysia with only a fraction of the voters,” he said.

“Effectively, a vote in the redelineated Damansara is not worth even a quarter of a vote in the above gerrymandered seats designed to give the advantage to BN”.