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Aminolhuda Hassan

Shameful, says Amanah of Putrajaya’s support for fundraising to help schools

Amanah today questioned the Education Ministry’s support to a proposal for schools nationwide to seek donation from the public to maintain their buildings, saying it was shameful for the country 59 years after independence.

“I am sure many parents are happy to hear this news, just like when they were happy to donate A4-size papers to the school not long ago,” said Amanah’s national education bureau chief, Aminolhuda Hassan, mocking the suggestion by Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Noh Omar.

“Besides donating to the government through the GST, parents can now also donate towards the maintenance of their children’s schools,” he added, expressing regret over the proposal which he said only added to the many financial burdens Malaysians were facing.

Aminolhuda, who is also Johor Amanah chairman, said Barisan Nasional continued to burden the people despite billions of ringgit collected through the goods and services tax (GST).

“Where will the BN government use the GST revenue forcefully taken from the people?

“Whatever happened to the revenue from Petronas and other revenues from taxes such as AP permit?” he asked.

The Parit Yaani assemblyman wondered if the revenues collected were being used to pay for expenses such as for the prime minister’s private jet or to pay debts by state-owned 1MDB.

“In the end, school infrastructure for our children is abandoned and they expect the parents to foot the bill?

“Enough is enough, dear Malaysians. We must realise that to change the leadership is not about changing the PM only, but to replace all of those who have pushed our beloved Malaysia to the abyss of poverty when it comes to integrity, trust and the economy of the people due to mismanagement,” he said.

Prior to this, Noh’s suggestion came under attack from many quarters, including the National Parent-Teacher Association (PTA).

National Parent-Teacher Associations Consultative Council (PIBGN) chairman Prof Mohamad Ali Hassan said PTAs were only meant to act as a support system for schools and not as financial consultants or bankers to raise funds for the maintenance of school buildings.

“Why do we have to pick up the bill for school maintenance? The responsibility of maintaining a school cannot be passed on to PTAs,” he reportedly told a news portal last month.

Noh has suggested that mandatory fundraising be enforced for schools in Selangor, as government funds for the maintenance of school buildings were insufficient.