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Raja Bahrin Shah kolum

Srebrenica, Aleppo and Yemen: World’s broken promises


After the massacre and carnage of 1995 in Srebrenica in the middle of Europe, the world promised it would never be allowed to happen again.

Now almost 20 years later, the world again expressed shock at the destructions and deaths in Aleppo just to the north of Saudi Arabia.

Again the world said it should never have been allowed to happen. Sounds familiarly hollow and pathetic?

Sadly and tragically, as we are trying to digest the statement, another human disaster and carnage is currently happening just to the south of Saudi Arabia.

Puny and poor Yemen civilians has been targetted and bombed from the air by Saudi led coalition and shelled from the sea by American warships.

American made bombs also killed some 300 civilians attending a funeral in a public hall in Yemen while America provide airborne refuelling for the Saudi led coalition aircrafts.

A retired American senator stated America is actively involved in the destructions and killings in Yemen. The British and other European nations also supply arms and bombs to the Saudi led coalition.

Is the world really that surprised at what happened in Aleppo, Syria? After Yemen has been bombed and pumelled to bits with more massive deaths of civilians, are we going to hear the same old familiar – this should not have been allowed to happen?

Actually it has been happening at the same time as Aleppo is being obliterated and its taking place just south of Saudi Arabia, while Aleppo is to the north.

The BBC is running a series of television programmes on the tragedy currently unfolding in Yemen. Isn’t the World watching televisions lately? The programme describes how the rich Saudis with the superpower American and western allies are destroying and killing the poor and tiny Yemen civilians.

When are we going to hear the orchestrated world’s fake shock and disbelief on the tragedy in Yemen? I have raised the tragic sufferings of Yemen in Parliament a few times and asked why is Malaysia so reluctant to question the Saudis on this issue.

Malaysian students and people have a long and strong ties with Yemen. However it seems the Saudi’s wealth has silenced the Malaysian government’s voice.

What does it take to prick our Government’s and people’s conscience? How many more Srebrenicas, Aleppos, Arakans and Yemens have to be destroyed before our government even sit up and take proper notice of the current sufferings of our fellow mankind and muslims? Our present leaders have some really serious soul searching to do.

What is Malaysia’s duty sitting in the United Nation’s Security Council if not to voice out against acts of attrocities? May we remind our leaders the position on the Security Council is not meant to be for ceremonial purposes. It is to serve the safety and well being of all humanities.

Raja Bahrin Shah i a Chairman of International Bureau Party Amanah Negara