Malaysia Dateline

Raja Bahrin

Terror abroad and potentially at home

Another horrendous terror bomb attack taking many life in Turkey have shaken the moderate Muslim nation again.

A year or two ago such attacks were rare but today it is happening more frequently.

Amanah strongly condemn such deplorable acts especially on innocent civilians.

It should never happen in any civilised nation.

Why and how does this happen in such a peaceful and tolerant country like Turkey.

A modern and thriving nation like Turkey has its own internal ethnic problems.

However it was under control, until the international terror movements inspired locals to embark on this current murderous spree.

With the internet open sky access this could happen in any country.

If the local government does not clamp down early on the early signs, chances are violent acts of terror will explode.

In Malaysia we had the recent I.S – Malaysian citizen figure broadcasting from abroad hate and murder calls.

Also recently we had the violent killing of a politician -activist in Sarawak and the grenade attack in Kuala Lumpur.

Earlier we had call for spilling of blood- “halal darah”, from a Muslim preacher from the north and a Government Mufti from Pahang allowing “eliminations” of Kafir Harbi.

It is a shocking call from a government appointed Mufti.

What is even more shocking and deplorable is the deafening silence from the Government itself.

Can the potential terrorists assume the Malaysian Government condone or at least are indifferent to such calls ?

What else can we assume as many days had passed and the deafening silence from the Malaysian Government is getting more unbearable.

And Dato Najib had the time and vision to condemn the terror in Turkey while the calls for spilling of blood here escapes his attention.

One of the calls actually came from his own home state MUFTI of Pahang.

Where are our leaders and statesmen that are supposed to protect our Nation from turmoil and terror ?

Raja Bahrin Shah is Chairman of International Bureau, Amanah.