Malaysia Dateline

The burden of legitimacy

Finally , the Prime Minister managed to form his cabinet. Apparently, the cabinet, akin to his ” back door government”, was formed without the necessary mandate from the people duly obtained via an election. Hence the legitimacy of such a cabinet may perhaps be doubted forever!

The cabinet also lacks the necessary manifesto. Yes, the manifesto is not mandatory. Nevertheless, the people who hold the ring, may need to know what the government is going to do by referring to its manifesto. It goes without saying that such a manifesto is normally crafted by consulting the people and many stakeholders who in turn share their necessary inputs. By having a manifesto, any government may be put to task, assuming it tries to renege from its sets of promises enshrined in the manifesto. Therein lies the notion of a good governance and a responsible government.

Yes, there is no constitutional requirement for his cabinet to have the office of the Deputy Prime Minister. Nevertheless, the utter absence of such an office is obviously intriguing , to say the least. It clearly against a sound constitutional convention derived from the Wesminster template. It may also proves his difficulty in choosing or appointing any trusted deputy prime minister.

In my view, it is not understatement to conclude that his government is plagued with high intensity of distrusts. Hence such a scenario may possibly contribute to an impending instability. It is axiomatic that any unstable government is generally not good for economy as it may possibly discourage investors from coming to Malaysia.

When the PH government was duly mandated to govern Malaysia on May 9, 2018, it faced a rotten economy bordering to bankruptcy. Malaysia’s image as a kleptocratic government – thanks to the old regime – tremendously affected our economic well being and performance. However, the PH government somewhat managed to bring out the government from such a scary image thus bringing back the necessary investors’ confidence. Several of our international rankings have greatly improved.

Having assumed his premiership, the Prime Minister has promised to the entire nation – via his address in a live telecast in tv – that his cabinet may only comprise of those who possess high integrity. His staunch supporters have been trying to convince all Malaysians that with his current cabinet members, he has duly walked the talk.

Well, it depends, in the first place, how do they view or define the true meaning of integrity?

Can we, for instance, fairly associate integrity with the act of betrayal? Like or not, he only managed to form a government by successfully betraying the people’s mandate? People only gave mandate to PH to govern this country until the 15th General Election. This is an undisputed fact.

If we can duly associate integrity with coup de grace, we may safely say that the present Prime Minister and his entire cabinet would have to face an enormous problem in jusifying their political legitimacy, let alone their integrity.

To be fair to the PM, his cabinet does contain several individuals who may be possibly characterised as good persons. In other words, these persons are not tainted At least not yet. Notably among them is the former Federal Territory Mufti.

Truth be told, i am quite close to him. Do i disappoint with him? Unfortunately, i do. Why?

Being a respected religious persona, the former mufti should have not, in my view, give any legitimacy to any “back door government” by unhesitanly joining such a questionable government.

Yes, i can still understand his predicament of making any comment or criticism againts such a government -established by act of betrayal. But i will never understand his justification of joining this ” back door government.

Now, by joining the current cabinet, with the greatest respect, the former mufti has not only unnecessarily smeared his impeccable image, he has also sent a wrong message of Islam to many especially to our youngsters -that Islam seems to justify a betrayal of trusts!