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The Power of Tareek-e-Insaf (Grand Justice Party) in Pakistan and Implications on Malaysia

As of July 29, it is almost certain that Imran Khan, the former Captain of the world class Pakistani cricket team (1971-1991), will be the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Imran Khan has a colorful history, having married three times, but his first wife, Jemima Smith, who embraced Islam when she was barely 21 to marry Imran Khan twenty three years ago, before ending her marriage to Imran after fourteen years together, has had the best of things to say about him.

She Tweeted on July 27, that Imran Khan’s long dream and journey to be a good leader of Pakistan, “has finally begun.” Imran Khan’s third, and current wife, who is a well known Sufi scholar, in turn believes that Imran can be a great example of how a person gives his all to help the welfare of all Pakistanis alike.

Imran’s for close to a quarter of a century since since joining politics, has focused on helping the poor, especially in their battle against the landed Gentry and feudal lords in Pakistan. Imran’s candidacy is also helped by the fact that he is totally supported by the Pakistani military and the ISI the special branch of Pakistan.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is a big fan of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad, and made many mention of him during his election campaign. He believes that just as Tun can take on the corruption in Malaysia at the age of 93, he too can do the same in Pakistan. Imran is 65 but still healthy and sprightly.

Prime MInister Imran Khan wants to be as firm and assertive as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. And, fair and just, without which his political participation would have been meaningless.

As things are, there are suggestions and excitement in the air that Imran Khan will seek the guidance of Mahathir Mohammad and Recep Erdogan. If this happens, then Pakistan, Malaysia and Turkey will affect the internal dynamics of the United Nations and Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

As of now, Imran Khan’s party does not have full majority in the upporr house parliament as yet. But at 170 seats and counting, it is well well ahead of the Pakistani Muslim League, which has merely won 65 seats due to a series of corruprion. Other smaller pro Islamic parties in Pakistan, about 11, will potentially be forming an alliance with Imran Khan.

There was a stage in time when Malaysia and Pakistan were extremely close. This has a history that harks back to the independence of Malaysia in 1957. With a bit of luck, the golden period can be revived with Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad and Prime Minister Imran Khan.