Malaysia Dateline

The ugly two faced hypocritical Malaysian Government

I cringe with disgust and shame when our Ministers open their mouth with their double faced hypocritical statements.

This is especially so when they try to fool the international world with their hollier than thou moral grandstanding.

The latest statement came from our foreign minister Anifah Aman who said, “Malaysia had restated its call for the GMM ( Malaysia’s own- Global Movement of Moderates) to douse the flames of hatred and stem the influence and myopic ideas of intolerance, xenophobia and racial hatred. “Hello Minister where have you been?

As a foreign minister you have really been truly alien to what has been happening in Malaysia despite the existence of the internet. Try attending Parliament once in a while in your spare time, you might just be able to appreciate the increasing intolerance and the racial as well as religious bigotory that has created a stench in our country and Parliament.

The government’s own Mufti from the Prime Minister’s home state of Pahang has openly pronounced DAP members as khafir harbi and it is justified to wage war on them.

Religious leaders from Umno’s new ally Pas, had openly declared “halal darah” – it is permissible to shed the blood of fellow muslims, those who disagree with their point of views! I have personally voiced my grave concern on these issues in Parliament to no avail. The silence from the Government is getting increasingly more deafening as PRU 14 draws closer !

On the home front, the government takes the view that as long as these statements are directed at others and not at them, they see no evil, hear no evil and speak of no evil against the offending culprits.

Najib himself, has the same attitude. He shares the same values with his new soulmate President Trump, who remained deafeningly silent on the fatal racist-religious violence at Charlotsville.

On the international scene Najib offered hipocritical encouraging words of support to the President of Bangladesh saying that Malaysia and other countries will support her nation in facing the huge Rohingya refugee crisis of some 500,000 displaced people.

Why did Malaysia turned away a few boat loads of prosecuted Rohingya Muslim refugees facing death and ethnic cleansing last year when we in the 1970’s accepted about 100,000 Vietnames economic refugees and accomodated them on Pulau Bidong and also at Sungai Besi?

Khairy our Sports Minister, also had the gall to urge the United Nations to call a special emergency session on the Rohingya issue when a motion at a regular Parliament sitting last year was rejected with all both Umno and Pas members not supporting the motion which I tabled.

About a week later both Umno and Pas leaders lead by Najib held a special gathering at Stadium Titiwangsa on the same issue. Why demand a special United Nation session on the Rohingya ethnic cleansing when we are unwilling to debate and make an official stand in our very own Parliament that was already in session?

Perhaps sports Minister Khairy would be sporting enough to respond.

The Global Movements of Moderates was founded by Najib who appointed Nasaruddin Mat Isa to promote his so called moderate or “wasatiah” brand of Islam.

Although Nasaruddin was removed from the Pas central commitee by the moderate and very highly respected as well as highly regarded late Nik Aziz, Nasaruddin until this day is still a Pas member and is seen as the main figure bringing Pas and Umno together after Nik Aziz’s death.

Nik Aziz had exposed that Nasaruddin was secretly plotting to engineer a unity government arrangement between Pas and Umno.

After Nik Aziz passed away, the hudud issue is revived by Pas today and Umno seems to support various matters brought through the Parliament’s back door which seem to not only divided non Muslims but also Muslims.

Its seems strange that the Global Movements of Moderates is being led by the controversial Nasaruddin who is known to be the main mover for the link between the racially inclined Umno and the now increasingly hardlined religious Pas after the passing away of the moderate and much respected as well as loved Nik Aziz.

The Umno lead Government was already seen as an extreme-right racial entity with its dominant ultra Malay supremacy views. With its new ally and advisor Pas of today, with its extreme views on Islam and its new found Malay supremacy values, what could be a more dangerous and explosive combination.

Where is the inclusive Islam of Nik Aziz’s era ? Where is the “Islam for all” concept which brought huge non Muslims’ support for Pas in PRU13? They were all discarded after the death of Nik Aziz. We are a more racially and religiously divided nation today after 60 years of independence.

It is absolutely disgraceful and hipocritical for us to have the Global Movements of Moderates to preach moderate moral values at the United Nation when it is being led by a Pas member that has been credited for engineering the unity of the ultra Malay supremists Umno and the increasingly extreme Pas whose religious leaders legitimise “penghapusan”-elimination, of those who disagree with them.

Do not preach to the United Nation values which the Government itself does not subscribe to and practise at home. There is this often quoted phrase- “we see Islam in the West, and Muslims in the East”.

We see more Islamic values like good governance and integrity being observed and practised in the west today than in the so called Islamic nations deeply mired in corruption and kleptocracy.

Do we actually practise the Islam of the Prophet Muhammad and live it in our daily life? Do not embarass ourself further on the world stage.

Put our house in order first before we preach to others. Let us put our economy in order first and deal with our rampant corruption before offering to help the world’s biggest and richest economy called America.

Can’t we see and hear the world condemning and laughing at our folly? There is none more blind than those who refuse to see the stark hipocrisy and the dark reality staring us in our face.