Malaysia Dateline

Threats and peace movements, the end of Umno and Pas

Malaysia has had a long history of threats. Starting from the movement of “hartal” to boycott the British administration of 1948 to 1969 to refuse to work with increased majority of the non Malays representatives in the parliament, right down to creating more Malaysian rallies in 1988, to challenge the placement of (non Chinese trained) Malaysian Chinese, in our university campuses in 1988. Regardless of how you sees it. Ralies and mild threats have been around non stop. Almost once every decade or two.

In turn, there has been counter demonstration movement like the “Reformasi” in 1998, “suqiu,” in 2000, Hindraft in 2007, invariably, Bersih I, I, III, IV and V over the last decade. It was the last movement, however, that became a legitimate social political movement that resonated with the earlier iniative of “hartal”——a nation where civil and civic protest are allowed to put a check to the abuses of the top.

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad, prior to being the seventh Prime Minister, approved not only of Bersih V especially, but efforts to deliver a letter to the King, known as the Citizens’ Pledge, to keep the royalties aware of the rot of the government of the previous Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Movements, in other words, have been part and parcel of how Malaysia brings their more emotive issue into the mainstream. What is rare, however, is PAS and UMNO joining hand.

Thus in 2018, they have morphed into a rally against the relocation of foreign embassies into Jerusalem, otherwise known in Islam as Baitul Muqaddis, and the recent declaration to have an anti ICERD rally in December 8, ostensibly to the tune of 500,000 Malays. This is off for three reasons.

One, why should any ICERD rally be held when the government of Pakatan Harapan has stepped back from ratifying the convention which is a soft law which cannot amend the Federal Constitution ?

Second, why is an entity like G3, led by a bunch of Indians who are non Muslims as they appear, allowed to start the ball rolling ? One wonders if this is an attempt to rent a mob via another group of a different race ?

Three, December 8 falls right smack into the national holiday. Instead of taking their children to experience “cuti cuti Malaysia,” these elements appear bent on showing their anger on something that has been walked back.

More curiously when the whole of Malaysian people had just booted out the kleptocracy of Najib on May 9, barely seven months ago, there remains pockets of resistance in Umno and Pas who are loud on Malay rights but silent on “curi curi Malaysia” ? The latter is the grand larceny and tax of Malaysia to the degree the national debt has crossed more than 1 trillion ringgit, with hundreds of billions probably not recoverable ?

This reminds one of the Eunuch of the end of the 19th century Manchu Dynasty. When President Sun Yat Sen toppled the Manchu, or otherwise known as the Ching Dynasty in 1911, these courtiers around the corrupt emperors and princes pled innconse—–that they were not to be blamed for the debauchery and corruption of their superiors. This is not only lame, but an attempt to blame everything.elsen on everyone else except themselves who have amassed a huge fortune.

Whether we like it or not, ICERD is over. Malaysia is not signing it in order to focus on other issues of reforms. As for the Malaysian styled eunuchs in Pas and Umno that are gathering on December 8 as self styled “jaguh Kampung” they will live to see this day as the beginning of the end.

Not unlike the war of Uhud in Islamic history, where the Qurasy made a last ditch attempt to tear the Peace of Hudaibiyah apart, only to know that all was too late, as the authenticity of Islam and good governance had returned in earned through Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. in mid 17th century.