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Considered an underdog in the fight against Umno and PAS, Amanah could well create an upset

Upbeat Amanah urges Kuala Kangsar voters to come home to vote

Amanah is confident of its chances in the upcoming Kuala Kangsar by-election this Saturday as support grows for the nascent party after a week-long campaign.

Perak Amanah chairman Asmuni Awi said the party, considered an underdog in the fight against Umno and PAS, could well create an upset.

“So far, we are now comfortable after passing the critical stage, we have been able to give Umno-Barisan Nasional a run for their money. We are following closely behind them.

“Winning is not impossible,” he told reporters at the Amanah office in Kuala Kangsar today.

He said following the open support from Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his Citizens’ Declaration movement, many Umno supporters were beginning to switch their support to Amanah candidate, Dr Ahmad Termizi Ramli.

As such, Asmuni urged voters residing outside the constituency to return home to vote on June 18.

The party also announced a hotline for non-resident Kuala Kangsar voters, at 019 4720815, if they wish get more information.