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Lim Kit Siang dan Umno sentiasa bertembung.

We need an interruption in BN rule, says Kit Siang

Barisan Nasional (BN) must be defeated at least once if Malaysia were to become a normal democratic country and stop the nation’s slippery slope towards a rogue state, said DAP’s Lim Kit Siang.
“Malaysia has yet to become a normal democratic country where voters can change the party or political coalition in government peacefully and democratically through the ballot box like other mature democracies without inviting national catastrophes,” he said in a speech yesterday.
The Gelang Patah MP said despite other countries undergoing peaceful transitions through general elections, Malaysia had not seen any such change.
He said the increasingly corrupt and dictatorial tendencies could only be stopped if there is a gap in Umno’s rule.
“The UMNO/BN coalition must lose the Federal government at least once if the present national trajectory towards a fractured, failed and rogue state is to be stopped.
“No country in the world can become a great nation if globally it is regarded as an increasingly corrupt and dictatorial regime while at home it tightens its grip on power controls to allow for rampant corruption and widespread abuses of power,” he added.
Lim said such a change would also benefit Umno which could then rise from its ashes into a reformed party, like other long-ruling parties.
“This is a route which had been taken by other political parties or coalitions in other countries which had been ousted from political power after decades in government as the party which had brought about the nation’s independence or founding, like Taiwan, South Korea and India, and there is no reason why UMNO is incapable of reform and renewal like the Kuomintang of Taiwan or Congress Party of India.”