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Zaid: Malays not interested in good governance, just boycott polls

Datuk Zaid Ibrahim today lamented that Malay voters were not interested in keeping democracy alive or speaking out against corruption.

“Malays are generally immune to the scandalous conduct of their leaders and tolerate them even if they ignore basic rules of good governance.

“Malays don’t care about 1MDB or such issues because as long as the Barisan Nasional government continues to give them regular hand-outs and other benefits, they will be content,” he wrote on his blog today, commenting on BN’s twin victories in the Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar by-elections.

The former minister said what the by-election results showed that there were “religious” Malays who voted for PAS thinking that the party would lead them to hudud and a good life in the hereafter.

He said Amanah only managed to gain 18% of Malay support in the elections, adding that it was not enough to win mixed parliamentary seats in the country.

“So, if present trends continue it looks like another landslide victory for the BN in the next general election.

“If the BN wins more than two-thirds of the seats in Parliament, this will open the door to major constitutional amendments that will have far-reaching Datuk Zaid Ibrahimconsequences,” he said, while thanking Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for doing “his best to convince people about the truth”.

Saying the opposition’s participation in elections would only give recognition to the Malaysian government’s democratic credentials, Zaid suggested a boycott of all future polls.

“The opposition parties are aware of all these violations, but still willing to participate in these elections. When they lose, they start being hard on themselves and start looking for all kinds of reasons why they could not win against BN.

“Since Najib has been given the divine right to govern, then maybe the opposition should not contest any future election,” said Zaid, listing four conditions before the opposition could join elections, including an independent Election Commission and a ban on vote-buying.

“Until then, to participate in the election will only lend legitimacy to BN to rule.” he said.